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Planning throughout the year is essential to reduce the tax owed on your construction company’s 2020 return. 鉴于COVID-19的持续影响和最近的立法, taking a step back to plan is more important than ever since you could potentially identify new construction tax strategies that will save you money. 本文将讨论九种策略, 学分, and deductions for construction company owners to potentially take advantage of in 2020.

学分 & 扣除

1. 合格营业收入(QBI)扣除
作为减税和就业法案的一部分, 来自转口单位(独资企业)的合格营业收入, 伙伴关系, 或s -公司)一般可减免20%. 扣减额以特定服务或贸易业务为限. These include any companies where the principal asset is the reputation or skill of its employees. 企业 involved in the construction industry should be able to utilize this deduction fully.

税收筹划技巧: QBI由许多因素决定,包括工资水平. A company should determine if there are enough wages paid out, so the QBI deduction is maximized. Alternatively, determine if additional money should be invested in equipment or machinery.
聚合是在个体级别上确定的, so it is essential to discuss with your tax advisor as aggregation could be irrevocable.

2. 授权区就业信贷
The Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax 救援 Act of 2019 renewed the Federal Empowerment Zones, 之前在2017年底到期的. The 授权区就业信贷 is retroactively extended for qualified zones wages paid or incurred in 2018, 2019, 和2020年. This credit provides an incentive to hire individuals who live and work in a federally designated empowerment zone. 这是每个雇员最多3000美元的工资抵免.

3. 工作机会抵税(WOTC)
The WOTC is a federal tax credit available to employers for hiring individuals receiving government assistance and reintroducing them into the workforce. The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (the PATH Act) retroactively allows eligible employers to claim the WOTC for all targeted group employee categories that were in effect before the enactment of the PATH Act, 如果该个人在12月31日之后开始或开始为雇主工作, 2014, 在1月1日前, 2021.

这取决于个人所属的目标群体, 每个新员工的信用额度从2美元不等,400 to $9,600. 目标群体包括:合格的IV-A受惠者, 合格的资深, 带着前科纪录, 夏季青年员工, 和许多更多.

The value of this tax credit is determined by the target group under which the employee qualifies, 工作的小时数, and the wages earned in the period of employment applicable to that target group.

4. 179D节节能商业财产扣除
This deduction allows construction company owners to claim an amount based on the square footage of a new building construction remodel. 奖励提供1美元.节能空间每平方英尺减少80英镑. 这一扣除可分为三个节能类别:

  1. 照明
  2. 暖通空调 & 热水系统
  3. 建筑信封

每一个都可以得到0美元.60扣除. 有资格获得这种扣减, a building must be modeled by a qualified third-party individual (as defined by IRS Notice 2006-52) and compared against a reference building designed following ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007使用irs批准的软件.

5. 节能住宅信贷
The 节能住宅信贷 has been retroactively extended for 2018, 2019, 和2020年. 这种抵免是一种税收优惠,允许建筑商申请2美元的抵免,每合格住宅单位$ 000. A qualified dwelling needs to be modeled by an independent individual and compared against a reference building designed to meet the International Energy Conservation Code of 2006. It can be a single-family home, a unit in an apartment complex, or a senior living community. 每个单独的租赁单元都有资格获得2,000美元的贷款. 然而,每个单位必须有自己的资格(i.e.,整栋建筑不能用一个模型进行认证). 这一抵免可以在任何一个开放的纳税年度申请.

6. 工资税减免 & 延期
冠状病毒的援助, 救援, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides a refundable payroll tax credit for 50% of wages paid to employees during the COVID-19 crisis. The credit applies to wages paid after March 12, 2020, 在1月1日前, 2021.

符合资格的最高工资限额为10美元,000, 所有员工的最高信用额度为5美元,000. 如果企业经历了政府限制贸易的命令, 旅行, 或一组会议, or there was more than a 50% drop in quarterly sales compared to the prior year, 这一功劳是可以得到的. 当2019年同一季度业务销售额超过销售额的80%时, 在该季度末,它不再有资格获得信贷.

The credit may be claimed immediately by reducing the amount of payroll taxes. The credit is applied against the employer portion of social security taxes.


7. 接班人计划
继任计划过程常常被忽视,直到为时已晚. 税收筹划是继任计划过程中不可分割的一部分. It would be best if there is a plan for managing the tax liability generated by the influx of income upon a potential sale or other methods for the transfer of the business ownership. When negotiating the terms of a transaction, it is crucial to keep taxes in mind. The last thing you want is to give the government more taxes than is necessary due to poor tax planning.

8. 成本隔离研究
The purpose of a cost segregation study is to identify assets and their costs related to a real estate purchase or reconstruction and classify those assets for federal tax purposes. When taxpayers purchase or construct a building, it is typically depreciated, often over 39 years. 然而, a cost segregation study identifies costs related to real property that can be reallocated to a shorter-life for depreciation. These studies are among the most valuable tax-saving strategies for commercial real estate owners, 承租人的角色, 和其他人.

9. 收入确认
The main goal of Accounting Standard Codification (ASC) 606 is to create a similar revenue recognition policy and calculation across all industries. 建筑行业, 历史上有自己的指导和行业实践, 也不例外. ASC 606 replaces virtually all accounting standards related to revenue recognition. It had been required for non-public entities to implement for years beginning after December 15, 2018, 导致许多已经在实施中, 但由于COVID-19危机,这一计划被推迟了. 现在,从2019年12月15日以后的数年里都需要这样做.

注意: 允许早期实施ASC 606.


有几个项目延长到2020年底, the construction industry has the opportunity to take advantage of tax incentives and reduce their next tax bill. 联系 us today to work with a qualified advisor to help you leverage opportunities and make the best decisions for your construction company. 我们的 明尼苏达建筑会计专家, 由众多专业人士组成, is committed to serving over 800 Minnesota construction and real estate entities. 史密斯谢弗 has the experience and understanding of the construction industry to make a lasting positive difference in your future success. 请今天给我们发个信息.

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